Me? Innocent?

Me? Innocent?

Silliest (and Coolest) Christmas Moment
So I start to unwrap a gift, but then I see that my daughter and her hubby are opening our “big” present to them. It’s a Kindle.

I’m excited because–well, I’m a guy. I love gadgets. And I’ve never actually seen a Kindle. And deep down I have electronic lust.

(Now, I’m too cheap to buy myself hi-tech gadgets. Most of the time. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want ’em.)

“I hope you like it,” I say with hardly a trace of jealousy. “I’m sorta curious about that [Kindle.] I’ve thought about…uh, maybe getting one.”

Everyone just stops and looks at me.

Now I’m confused. Then I look down and see that the gift I’m unwrapping is a Kindle.

Gosh! It’s almost like Santa knew what I wanted!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman smiling at a man.

WOMAN: Me? innocent? Sure…if that’s what turns you on!

Art: Charles Nicholas & Sal Trapani