Isabell’s Inventions

In going through material for Last Kiss, I’ve read some odd romance comics. But “Isabell’s Inventions” from Charlton’s Teen-Age Confidential Confessions #10 is more than just a bit wackier than most!

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  1. Thanks John the earthquake interuptus is always happing in Japan and that is sometimes a good things…and sometimes great!

  2. Wow, so much unsettling bizarreness, yet they’re all smiling away! That brunette doesn’t want to be catty, but she’s grinning like the cat that gulped the canary as she dishes dirt. And Isabell’s smiling happily, as she threatens her hapless bozo boyfriend at the end. She’s like some cruel Female Fury from Apokolips! And if she’s so smart, why’s she care about this chump?
    Also interesting, that, apparently, this town has a plethora of teenage geniuses & inventors, if she’s “The greatest!” Amazing.

  3. Maybe the strip should have been called Isabell, Teenage Dominatrix. It’s super bizarre, with the male in status of pet dog. Why bother with a boyfriend who has to be chained to your side? I’ve had straying boyfriends like this one, but always figured if they were like that, they weren’t worth keeping. Imagine having such a jerk permanently tethered to you!

  4. LOL! This is just nutty! That’s some pretty stiff writing, huh John? Thanks for sharing.

  5. I agree with Laura. If your bf needs to be tamed like that, just dump the trash and move on! There are plenty of guys who should appreciate the genius teen-aged inventor for who she is.

    Unless she intimidates them all for some reason.


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