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Last Kiss comics are now available as e-cards through–the premier website for electronic cards, animations, and videos, with more than three million unique monthly visitors.

“We are thrilled to work with Last Kiss”, said JibJab co-founder Evan Spiridellis.  “Their unique library of high quality content was perfectly adapted to JibJab eCard line.”

Like many of the images and videos on the site, the Last Kiss e-cards are “member exclusives.” A year’s subscription allows you  the ability to send an unlimited number of JibJab e-card images and videos.

To view or send the Last Kiss e-cards, click on the following links:

•Taxes are Sexy
•Enjoying the Little Things
•Marriage Anniversary
•Wedding Bells Anniversary

•Congrats on the Baby

•Ice Cream Birthday
•Happy Dentist Birthday
•The Perfect Birthday
•Crying on the Birthday
•Birthday Suit
•Happy Birthday Lies

•Shark and Man

•Happy Honeymoon!

•Get Well Soon from the Dentist
•Get Well Soon

•Football Friends
•Take Out Hugs
•I Do It For You

•Why the BA?

•I Like It Rough
•Dirty Socks

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  1. Congratulations, John! It’s great to see the world of Last Kiss expanding.

    One comment, though.. the cards are all very straight. Any plans for including some of the guy/guy ones?

  2. Thanks, Michael. Actually there already is one gay card. Two depending on how you look at it. Take a look at HAPPY HONEYMOON:

    That uses my original text with a tagline “You learn something new everyday” that was added by JibJab.

    The same image with different dialog (still pretty gay) was used by JibJab for BIRTHDAY SUIT:

    I should point out that the dialog for Birthday Suit was entirely written by JibJab not by me. My contract with JibJab allows the company to modify or substitute new gags. Sometimes JibJab has used my gag, sometimes it’s used its own gag, and sometimes its a mixture.

    Ultimately, it’s up to JibJab to decide which gags it wants to use and how it wants to use them. I’m okay with that. JibJab has its own style and knows its own audience. And it does some very funny stuff.

    Personally, I think some additional gay humor would be a good idea. JibJab might think so too…if enough people write to the company and request it.



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