Never! Never! Ever?

Never! Never! Ever?

In case it isn’t clear, I didn’t write the dialogue for this one.

Why? Well, occasionally I’ll come across an old comic book panel or cover and go-–wow! I’m not going to top that dialogue. This is one of those times.

I don’t know who wrote the dialogue, but the art is by Matt Baker–widely considered the greatest romance comic artist of his time. (And some think the best of all time.)

Below is the original cover before I restored it and souped up the colors a bit.

Original Vintage Art & Text

Art by Matt Baker from Pictorial Romances #6, May 1951. St. John Comics.

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↓ Transcript
SCENE: A young woman and a male sailor are standing on a pier talking. They don't notice that a group of sailors in a small boat have also pulled up to the pier. In the background, there's an aircraft carrier.

WOMAN: Of course I'll be true to you, Ray! there never was and never will be anyone else for me!

SAILOR #2 (climbing out of the small boat--a tender--is talking to one of the other sailors in the boat: There's Dorothy now! I thought you two were engaged?

CAPTION BOX: In this issue:
The Navy Was MY Target!
I Was Too Free With Boys

1951 Art: Matt Baker Image Cleanup: John Lustig
An actual comic cover with the original, 1951 dialogue from Pictorial Romances #6

Pictorial Romances #6, St. John