Honeymoon for Two?

Honeymoon for Two?

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SCENE: A man and a woman are rushing out of a building.

MAN: The Honeymoon Hotel’s having a two-for-one night!

WOMAN: Great! I'll bring a friend!

Art: Art Cappello & Dick Giordano

The Plane Truth

The Plane Truth

Unlike this unhappy couple, I’m planning to have a great time on my trip. This Tuesday I’m flying to the Big Apple for the New York Comic Con. (I’ll be at table D14 in Artist’s Alley.)

The con runs Oct. 8-10, but I’m arriving in town early to visit with friends and attend the pre-show ICv2 conference. And, if there’s time, I might even catch up on some sleep before things start getting crazy!

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SCENE: Exterior of a passenger jet in mid flight.

VOICE (from plane): I don’t care how many bonus miles this cost you! The honeymoon is off!

Widow Miss Muffet, Part 12

Widow Miss Muffet, Part 12

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More about “Widow” artist Dick Giordano:

“The First week I was there (DC Comics) I went to Dick’s office, one of the messiest, most comforting places I’ve ever had the pleasure to spend time in, to ask him for guidance. I explained I had been given no specific set of responsibilities…I asked him what my job was exactly. He just sat back, gave me one of those wonderful Dick smiles and just said: ‘You’ll figure it out.’

“And, of course, he was right. With his wind at my back and all the support I could have ever asked for, I got to do everything: learn, create, innovate, play, change.

“Few people know how to lead creative people to do their best work…Thank you, sir, for being the best boss and teacher I ever had.”

–Richard Bruning, VP-Creative Director, DC Comics, January 2003
from Michael Eury’s Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day at a Time

Art by Giordano. ©2010 DC Comics

“When Dick left DC the second time, I told friends the company was losing its heart. That’s not to say no one who remained there or came…after Dick…acted on their generous impulses or…strove to be fair to…freelancers. But that kind of behavior never again seemed to me to be a core value of the company.

“He was a good guy because he was a good guy. He wasn’t a good guy because it was a smart way to do business, although it surely was…He wasn’t a good guy because the company mandated that persona. He loved comics and he loved comics people. He was a good guy…”

–Tony Isabella from Tony’s Online Tips, March 29, 2010

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PANEL 1, SCENE: Mitzi and Al kiss as a minister marries them.

CAPTION: "Three miles down the road, I became Mrs. Albert Pillbody III...the world’s richest teenage widow-to-be!"

MINISTER: You may kiss the bride!

PANEL 2, SCENE: Cut to Al and Mitzi on their honeymoon. Mitzi is desperately trying to crawl away as Al drags her back towards the bed.

CAPTION: “Alas! Al survived our honeymoon...easily!

AL: Stop kidding! Come back to bed! I'm just getting warmed up!

MITZI: Haven't you heard? Eight is enough!

Honeymoon Blues

Honeymoon Blues

Darn sex manuals. How dare they put out editions that are upside down…

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CAPTION: It was the sort of honeymoon my mother had always warned me about--painful and boring!

SCENE: Man and woman standing on rickety pier. He has her hands on each side of her face.

MAN: B-but It's not my fault! The sex manual was upside down! I'm almost sure of it!

WOMAN: I-I guess we could try again!

PANEL 2, SCENE: Man and woman embrace, smiling.

MAN: That’s the spirit! And this time, I'll try not to cry so much!

WOMAN: Actually, I kind of liked that part!

Too young?

Too young?

Is there anything better than reading comic books in bed with your sweetie? No, I didn’t think so.

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MAN: Best of all, we can spend our entire honeymoon in my bedroom...reading comics!

WOMAN: Oh, boy! Dibs on the bottom bunk!