A Valentine Sampler

A Valentine Sampler

More Valentine fun from Mike (Lover Boy) Pascale! One more Valentine gag to go. See you tomorrow!

Original Vintage Art & Text

Pencils by Bob Powell in the story “I Was the Loneliest Girl In School” from Hi-School Romance #3, Feb. 1950. Harvey Comics. The story starts on Page 11.

Curious to see more? Click the link above to read the entire vintage comic book for free on ComicBookPlus.com.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A man (who looks a lot like Jimmy Olsen) and a angry woman (who sorta looks like Lois Lane) are talking.

MAN: You don’t like the Valentine candy I gave you?!!

WOMAN: You ate half! And nibbled on the rest!

MAN: But, sweetie, I only ate them...to make sure they were good enough for you!

1950 Pencils: Bob Powell Re-ink & Color: Allen Freeman
New Facial Expressions Mike Pascale
Humor: Mike Pascale & John Lustig


The Day After Valentine’s Day–I Feel Good

The Day After Valentine’s Day–I Feel Good

Original Vintage Art & Text

Art probably by Jack Sparling. From the story “Bottled Heartbreak” in Great Lover Romances #11, 1953. Published by Toby Press.

Curious to see more? Click this link to read the entire vintage comic book for free. This panel is from Page 21 of ComicBookPlus.com’s presentation of the comic. The story begins on Page 17.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman drinking as she sits in a stuffed chair. She has one leg up in the air and is smiling.

WOMAN: Maybe it’s just the booze, Candy and sex, but I feel good!

1953 Artist: Jack Sparling? Re-ink & Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Cheap Candy & Cheaper Gags: John Lustig

Great Lover Romances #ll