What I’ll Be Doing in the Nervous Rex Series

What I’ll Be Doing in the Nervous Rex Series

I’m ecstatic to announce that I’ll be much more involved than I originally thought in the reprint series of Nervous Rex.

Before I explain what I’ll be doing, though, I should mention that the first issue of Nervous Rex is now ready for order in the Diamond Comics Preview catalog. (If you want a copy, ask your friendly, neighborhood comic shop owner to order it pronto!)

Drew Ford’s It’s Alive Press is reprinting William Van Horn’s entire 1980s comic book series. The plan is to reprint all 10 issues from the original series. Plus, print an additional comic (#11!), that collects all of Van Horn’s Rex comics—all of ’em in color—which appeared only in Disney Adventures.

In addition to new variant covers by Van Horn—colored by original series cover colorist Barbara Marker—there will be other art that never appeared in the original series. I’m curating that art and I’m also writing introductions for every issue.

I’m thrilled because Nervous Rex is a wonderful, witty and silly masterpiece that Van Horn did shortly before his long and better-known series of brilliant Disney comics. And because Van Horn played a huge part in my early comic career. And it all started when I got involved in helping plot the final issue of Nervous Rex.

By the way, It’s Alive is also offering 100 issues of #1 signed by Van Horn.

Last Kiss at Q Con & SDCC

Last Kiss at Q Con & SDCC

While I’m not back on the con circuit yet, Last Kiss products are. Prism Comics is selling Last Kiss fridge magnets and tote bags at it’s booth at Q Con—a new LGBTQ comic con in LA on Saturday, June 18. Free admission.

And, from July 20-24, 2022 they’ll also be for sale at Prism’s booth at Comic-Con International: San Diego.

Buy Last Kiss Happiness

Can you buy happiness? You bet!

When you buy any of my Last Kiss magnets, greeting cards or coasters, I guarantee I’ll be happy. And you’ll be happy that I’m happy, right?

Dozens of my Last Kiss goodies are now for sale at the ultra groovy Sir Lonebuck’s House of Comics & Geekery (in Woodinville, WA!)

Carl Barks, Disney Comics & Me

Carl Barks, Disney Comics & Me

I rarely get interviewed about my Disney comics career. And even less often do I get to talk about my involvement with Disney legend Carl Barks—creator of Uncle Scrooge and so much more!

Barks’ stories are a primary influence on my Disney stories as well as much of my other work. So it was fun to do talk about all of that in these YouTube interviews by my friends Scott & Georgia Ball.

Part 1: In addition to discussing Carl Barks, I talk about how I got my start in Disney comics and how I came to know Carl.

Part 2: We talk about how Barks’ career in comics began; his storytelling; and his fantastic splash panels!

Part 3: We talk about Barks’ characters—Uncle Scrooge, Donald, Magica De Spell, Flintheart Glomgold and so many more.

Part 4 : We talk about Uncle Scrooge’s appearances in animation and my graphic novel adaption of the DuckTales movie.

Part 5: We talk about censorship and editing problems that Barks faced. Plus, we discuss problems caused by the Code Code and Western Publishing internal restrictions.

Part 6: How did Carl go from being an anonymous comics creator scratching out a modest income to being world famous and eventually a millionaire? We discuss how fans sought him out and rescued Barks from obscurity.

Part 7: I attended the huge public celebrations for Carl’s 95th & 96th birthdays–as well as his funeral a few years later. We talk about that and more.

Part 8: In the final episode, we discuss Carl’s Disney duck paintings—which made him a millionaire—and wrap up with a discussion of my Last Kiss work.

The Nervous Rex Project

The Nervous Rex Project

I’m thrilled to announce that William Van Horn‘s Nervous Rex comics are being reprinted—at long, long last.

What?!! You want to know why I’m mentioning this? And what this comic has to do with Last Kiss?

Well, nothing. Except…

Bill Van Horn played a huge part in my early comic career. We teamed up together to create a lot of Donald Duck, DuckTales and Uncle Scrooge comics. Without him, it’s likely that I never would’ve done Disney comics or gone on to do Last Kiss.

But we first worked together and became friends when I submitted story ideas for Nervous Rex back in the mid-1980s.

However, the series was wonderful, witty and silly long before I played my small part in it. The humor and art are very much in the tradition of George Herriman’s Krazy Kat. There’s also a smidge of Jack Benny embodied in the character of Rex–a pint-sized, hen-pecked, tyrannosaur who’d rather eat oatmeal than…well, you.

The series—along with some cool extras—is being re-printed issue by issue by Drew Ford’s It’s Alive. Issues aren’t for sale yet. But Drew is going to be offering 100 issues of #1 signed by Van Horn.

Since Bill hasn’t done any comic cons or appearances in many years, this may be the only chance to get work signed by him.