What Monsters Fear!

What Monsters Fear!

So, I’m officially launching the Last Kiss Halloween and horror gags for this year! Most will be brand new. A few—because I’m having cataract surgery this week and again later in the month—will be re-runs. So let the giggles (and groaning) begin!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A female vampire, Frankenstein's monster and a human skeleton are in a graveyard. A witch is flying on a broomstick in the sky.
VAMPIRE: Halloween used to be such good, clean fun! Murders! Blood baths! Mars bars! But now…Now we just terrorize Last Kiss readers with ghastly gags!

Frankenstein's Monster: If I wasn’t already dead, I’d die of shame!

SKELETON: Ugh! Lustig’s humor wears me down to the bone!

WITCH: Watta buncha cry babies! Don’t they know…life’s a witch!

Art: A.I. Witchcraft Monstrous Mirth: John Lustig