Love You Can Bank On

Original Vintage Art & Text

Art by Vince Colletta Studio from the story “A Bouquet of Roses” in First Kiss #20, 1963. Published by Charlton.

Curious to see more? Click the link above to read the entire vintage comic book. This panel is from Page 7 of’s presentation of the comic. The story begins on Page 3.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN WEARING PEARL NECKLACE: Don’t be shy Tell me more about yourself...Starting with your bank account!

1961 Art: Vince Colletta Studio Color: Allen Freeman
Banking on His Good Looks: John Lustig

Sequel Me! Sequel Me Now!

Original Vintage Art & Text

Art by Luis Dominguez from the story “Reckless Romance” in First Kiss #30, 1963. Published by Charlton. Curious to see more? Click the link above to read the entire vintage comic book. This panel is from Page 25 of the comic. The story begins on Page 23.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman patting her hair as she smiles at a man.

WOMAN: I enjoy great sex the same way I enjoy great movies! I want sequels...right away!

1963 Art: Luis Dominguez
Color: Allen Freeman
Ticket to Ride: John Lustig

Abby Goes Candle Crazy

Many thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy 70th Birthday earlier this week. All that love was wonderful and made me feel young–no more than 69!

Original Vintage Art & Text

Art by Frank Frazetta in the story “A Love of My Own” in Personal Love #24, 1953. Published by Eastern Color. Curious to see more? Click the link to read the entire vintage comic book on ComicBookPlus. The story begins on Page 11.

Past episodes of Abby Amour:

The Abby Amour miniseries runs every Friday. Dialogue by Tony Isabella with repurposed art by Frank Frazetta. Dream sequence color by Sue Daigle-Leach–the legendary Disney comics colorist. (Check out Sue’s Instagram feed for her personal work featuring many critters–real and imagined.)

↓ Transcript

LOGO: The Loves of Abby Amour

CAPTION: A comatose Abby is dreaming.

JOHNNY: How’s about I buy you this crazy candle, babe.

JOHNNY: I could turn it into a kick-ass bong.

ABBY: I haven’t ever done drugs, you hilarious hump.

ABBY: But if I’m going to be dating you...

ABBY: ...maybe I should start! 

CAPTION: To be continued...
next Friday!
1953 Art: Frank Frazetta
Color: Susan Daigle-Leach
Writer: Tony Isabella

John’s Last Kiss-ish Birthday

Thank you in advance to the big three in my life–farmily, friends and fans–for what I’m sure will be a great 70th birthday!

And please check out guest artist and all-around great guy Mike Tackett’s site for more of his fun, wacky whimsy!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A man and a woman--each wearing bathing suits--are kissing on a deserted beach ala the film "From Here to Eternity"

WOMAN: Happy Birthday, John. This kiss is for you!

MAN: Wait--I'm not John!

WOMAN: A girl can pretend, can't she?

©2022 Last Snog Inc

As a birthday gift last year, my pal Mike Tackett created this fun Last Kiss-ish comic. It was too good not to share--so here it is for my big, smoochy 70th birthday. Thanks, Mike! ©2022 Mike Tackett

Fashion Faux Pas!

Color Version:

I experimented with colorizing the black & white original of this photo, but I wasn’t completely happy with it. The original B&W version (with an added tint) gave the image more of an old-time, vintage look–that seemed to work better with the innocent nature of the woman’s question.

(Plus I thought a photo with flesh-colored side boobage might be a little too daring for my site.)

So I went with the b&w version.. But here’s the colorized image just to show how it would’ve looked.

My attempt to do a “quick” colorization–that turned out to be not so quick–of a candid photo of silent film actress Bessie Love, mid-1920s.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Tinted, black & white 1920s photo of a young woman in overalls.

CAPTION: Delia thought she knew all about the latest trends in high fashion, but...

DELIA: Underwear? What's that?

Silent film actress Bessie Love in the mid-1920s
Fancy Pants Writer: John Lustig
silent film actress Bessie Love.Mid 120s_B&W