2 Broke Girls

So far, there’s still no winner in the contest to spot Last Kiss products on the CBS show 2 BROKE GIRLS.

But I’ve now got more detailed info and hints that may help you win.

—To the best of my knowledge, one or more Last Kiss magnets will be visible on a refrigerator.

—Although they may show up on any episode, it looks like the first episode with the magnets probably won’t air until mid-to-late November.

—There are other—non-Last Kiss—magnets already on the fridge. So, spotting any old fridge magnet doesn’t count. It has to be a Last Kiss magnet.

—To win, be the first person to e-mail me with a brief description of what you think the magnet looks like. If you’re right, you win.* If you’re wrong, I’ll write back and let you know.

The winner will receive:

—copies of the Last Kiss products that are on the show.

—a Last Kiss sticky notebook.

—20 Last Kiss note cards.

—a Last Kiss tote bag.

—eternal fame and glory.

The contest will keep going until there’s a winner.

*The contest winner must not be an employee or associated with 2 BROKE GIRLS.)

By the way, this Last Kiss product placement is happening through the efforts of the amazing John Fluke of Placed4Success. Thanks to John, Last Kiss products will also be featured (more prominently) on new episodes of the CBS show MIKE & MOLLY. (I’ll announce a separate contest for MIKE & MOLLY shortly before the first new episode.)