Art by Charles Nicholas & Vince Alascia from the story "Coffee and...a Kiss, Darling!" in FIRST KISS #8, 1959.

Art by Charles Nicholas & Vince Alascia from the story “Coffee and…a Kiss, Darling!” in FIRST KISS #8, 1959.

I asked my readers to come up funny comments to go with this art. And…wow! You folks came through with some great zingers.

I received submissions here on this website, my personal Facebook page and my Last Kiss FB page. (Thanks, everyone!)

I had a hard time choosing. So we ended up with a three-way tie for top honors—plus some fun honorable mentions. Congratulations, everyone!

The Winners

You have the last doughnut dear, that is if you think you can still fit in those pants afterward.

—Submitted by JVR

Man: You said you liked my buns, so here, have one on me.
Woman: Now I’m wondering about your cannoli!

—Submitted by Still Only 25 Cents

I enjoyed life… once! And look where it got me! A starring role in Last Kiss!

—Submitted by Korey Watkins

Honorable Mentions

Keep this doughnut chained to your neck, to remember me by.

—Submitted by Allen Gladfelter

WOMAN: Is this how you always pick up prostitutes…?

—Submitted by Matthew Fillbach

Oh, and can you make my coffee look like a muffin?

—Submitted by Allen Freeman

Well, at least eat this hockey puck for my amusement. Guy’s gotta have fun somehow.

—Submitted by Matthew Z. Wood

You expect me to put out for a donut..You better bring a whole lot more for this booty!

—Submitted by Eric Fur

Girl: “Better make that coffee to go. My pimp hates it when I’m late.”

—Submitted by Ed Bertoli

If I could afford to go out dancing, you think I’d be having an English muffin for din-din?

—Submitted by Ken Lafex

Give this magic crumpet to the one you love and he (or she) will swoon, bow down to your feet and won’t charge you more then 5% over retail after a $25 purchase on select items, restrictions apply. See bottom of crumpet for details and the number of your local Poison Control Center… just in-case.

—Submitted by “My Alter Ego”


Meanwhile, back in the present…
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