Artist unknown. From "My Kisses Were Cheap" in DIARY LOVES #5, 1950.

Artist unknown. From “My Kisses Were Cheap” in DIARY LOVES #5, 1950.

Ladies, are you having trouble finding a mate? Perhaps that’s because you’ve limited yourself to humans.

There are plenty of attractive alien creatures who’d be tickled pink (and many other colors) to date an Earth female who’s more or less humanoid—like you!!!

Remember all those old sci-fi movies from the 1950s? They were actually documentaries. Mars really does want women from Earth. And so do the gents from Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto—which is a planet damn it.!

(TIP: Men from Pluto tend to overcompensate for their planetary failings by spending obscene amounts of money on their dates. Act now while they’re still feeling humiliated!)

So signup today for the Last Kiss Interplanetary Dating Service and receive a free vaccination for Venusian Venereal Disease!

Meanwhile, back in the present…
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