Erma & Morris

©2014 William Van Horn

The following is an excerpt from William Van Horn’s book “The Woes Garden.”

If there was one thing in life that was sacred to Erma Shotbag, it was keeping a promise. Even a promise to her husband, Morris.

“Morris,” she said to him one autumn day in 1927, “if you don’t stop sucking on that damned pipe, I promise I shall never speak to you again!”

Now Morris Shotbag was not a man earmarked by fate to achieve much in life and he knew it. Yes, when Fate did nod his way on that day so long ago he was ready.

Recently, on the occasion of his 80th wedding anniversary, Morris acknowledged that the only thing he still found difficult to do with a pipe in his mouth was eat spaghetti.

“Aside from that,” he chuckled, “I’ve managed just fine.”

Erma Shotbag had no comment.

Used with permission. The Woes Garden art and text ©2014 William Van Horn