The Cover of William Van Horn's "The Woes Garden"

My friend William Van Horn is a certified genius. (Or maybe a certified mechanic. I forget.) In any event, his writing and art are brilliant.

We’ve worked together many times on Disney comics. But Bill’s Disney work only channels a very narrow portion of his talent. Starting today, I’ll be occasionally showcasing samples from some of Bill’s unpublished work. Hopefully, it won’t be unpublished for long!

Woes Garden FlowerFirst up, a sample from Bill’s book “The Woes Garden.”  —John Lustig



The fictional spoofs in this book were inspired by a series of news fillers I encountered in one of our local papers in San Francisco, back in the Nineteen Sixties. They were usually no more than a column inch or two describing often-tragic events that nonetheless bordered on back comedy. Events that were downright surreal!

So just for fun, imagine that the following events described really happened. After all, who knows? In a world as screwy as ours they well could have.

—-William Van Horn

Read sample from The Woes Garden here.

 Used with permission. The Woes Garden art and text ©2014 William Van Horn