Last Kiss posters and comics are appearing as prominent props in the upcoming web TV series, Up Up Down Down. I’ve created several new, faux Last Kiss comic book covers just for the series.

The adorable tyke holding the Last Kiss poster is series creator/star R.a. Rayne’s four-year-old daughter Ariebella. The series is now filming it’s first episodes. I’ll post a link as soon as the Up Up Down Down goes live on the web.

The sitcom is set in the fictional Up Up Down Down video game store where Owner Jack Cooper “and his short-fused…Assistant Manager…are being constantly bombarded with threats from the bank (and)…angry customers…

“In a desperate attempt to turn the store’s sales around Jack has hired Alex, a very attractive female ‘gamer’ who would much rather play a video game or read a comic book than Twitter about her latest shopping spree. Alex’s presence alone is drumming up new business and sending the store into a hormonal frenzy.”