It’s been a wonderful, happy, scary and weird few weeks in the Lustig household. My daughter’s recent wedding supplied the wonderful and happy portion. The scary and weird part has been something I haven’t talked about, though.

My wife–the amazing Shelagh–hasn’t felt too amazing this last month. In fact she spent several days in the hospital with a really nasty infection that caused an abscess in her nose. (Scary because it could’ve gone into her brain.). She had surgery (twice), but is mostly fine now and should make a full recovery. Really.

Why am I mentioning this now? Well, mostly because we’ve come through this and I’m sure there’s a happy ending. But also because I want to explain why I’ve been re-running a few of my older comics recently.

Frankly, after getting through a month of medical drama and our daughter’s wedding, I decided to give myself a gift: a few days off while I catch up.

Hence today’s re-run. New stuff is coming soon. Really!