Most people just send me cards, e-mail or call on my birthday. My friend Geoffrey Blum amazes me every year by writing some humorous verse. Sunday, Jan. 25 was my birthday and sure enough another wacky poem showed up in my mail. Until now, I’ve never had a good way to share these witticisms with others. But now I have a blog. So:

I celebrate the Chief Exec
And Emperor of Last Kiss:
His birthday’s come around, by heck!
We wish him every bliss.

The big guns think they’re smart
Designing romance cards for breeders;
But John recycles vintage art,
Updating for his readers.

Bad breath, B.O., the repertoire
Of adolescent wit
Flows cutting-edgewise from this star
Like lactose from a tit.

His merchandise is worth a peek
(Though most of it’s G-rated),
And now he’s online thrice a week:
They call that syndicated.

Victory comes to men of parts
Like falling off a log:
He started small, he showed his smarts,
And now he has a blog!
–Geoffrey Blum

(By the way, Geoff is the world’s foremost authority on Disney comic genius Carl Barks. Check out his site at: