This is an odd time to be talking about Last Kiss. In about an hour, it’ll be Tuesday. A few hours after that we’ll have a new president—and possibly a new world. But right now it’s still Monday, Jan. 19, and, gosh—I entered a new world of my own today.

This morning Last Kiss joined big, syndicated comics like Ziggy and Garfield as a regular feature on uclick’s site. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Last Kiss will update and be archived on the site.  World-wide distribution via mobile phones is also coming—soon. Syndication to other websites? That’s happening too through GoComics.

I’ll still be sending comics to everyone on my mailing list—now three times a week—but I hope you’ll check out GoComics. Leave a comment. Vote for Last Kiss as your favorite comic of the day.

I won’t beg. But I’ll sulk if you don’t.

Let’s see what else? Oh, yeah. About an hour ago, web master extraordinaire finished the first phase of a major remodel on And I’ve got a blog now. So I can get into all kinds of new trouble!

More news and comics on Wednesday. Now go watch the inauguration!

Love & Last Kisses,