San Diego Comic-Con 2016

I really enjoy meeting fans at shows. Here I am at the Prism Comics booth with Jennifer Burke Haines—who loves Last Kiss zombies gags with a shambling, walking dead passion!

This is the second year in a row that I’ve gone to Comic-Con International without a booth of my own. But 2016 was the year that I really found a home at Prism Comics. (Last year, I was just at Prism briefly each day to do signings.)

Overall, I think it worked out great.

Hoards of fans came to the giant Prism booth. More than I might’ve seen if I’d had a Last Kiss booth on my own. And, I have to say, it was a lot easier (and cheaper!) to display there as just one of many creators at the booth.

Plus, the Prism folks were incredibly nice and fun to hang with!

Last Kiss SignUp—Long Form

“How to Go Steady” Kickstarter

a256173a07fa80To find out what romance comics are really like, you could buy and read a big, mind-warping, pricey stack of ’em.

Or you could have someone like my pal Jacque Nodell read them for you and show you all the best stories, the great art and explain all the odd trends and quirks. Jacque does all that and a lot more brilliantly over on her blog, Sequential Crush.

And that’s not all.

Now Jacque is doing a book festooned with new, wonderful illustrations featuring one of the most unusual aspects of romance comics—dating advice columns.

Yes! Your romantic (and sex) life would be infinitely better if you could get your hands on this tome of dating wisdom. And guess what? You can. Just check out Jacque’s Kickstarter for more info!

Last Kiss Creator John Lustig’s Event Schedule


—July 21-24, 2016: Comic-Con International (San Diego), Prism Comics—Booth #2144.

I hope to see a lot of you at the con. You can find me in the Prism booth at these days and times:

Wednesday’s Preview Night, July 20: 6-9 p.m.

Thursday, July 21: 2-7 p.m.

Friday, July 22: 2-7 p.m.

Saturday, July 23: 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Sunday July 24: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.

Additional Last Kiss Goodies

Although I’ll only be there occasionally, I will also have Last Kiss merchandise for sale at World Famous Comics–Booth #5560.


—Oct. 9 & 10, 2016: Geek Girl Con (Seattle)at The Conference Center, located at 8th and Pike in downtown Seattle, WA, right across the street from the Washington State Convention Center. Table or booth # to be announced.

Silly, New Totes? Silly, New Sale!


How silly can a tote bag be? Let’s find out!

I’ve just added some new, even more outrageous tote bag designs to my Etsy store. To celebrate the added zaniness, all Last Kiss 22 totes are 15 % percent off!

The sale will run through Thursday, May 19 at Midnight Pacific Standard Time.

(See below for a few of the new totes.)

2016-05-11-15.08.55WonderWomanB 2016-05-11-15.13.55TypicalWritingDayTaller 2016-05-11-15.10.58CaffeineQueen


RT Booklovers 2016: A Week of Romance, Lust & Erotica

A few of the 2,000 or so women seeking romance (novels) at the RT Booklovers convention in Las Vegas.

A few of the 2,000-plus women seeking romance (novels) at the RT Booklovers convention in Las Vegas.

So, you think comic cons are wild? Try attending a romance novel convention—in Sin City!

The RT Booklovers 2016 convention in Las Vegas (April 12-17) was (surprise!) mostly attended by women—authors, booksellers and romance readers. Unlike comic cons, there were very few men.


NY Times Best-Selling Author Joanne Fluke shows off her Last Kiss tote bag at the RT Booklovers 2016 convention in Las Vegas.

And many of those men, but obviously not all—after all I was there—were there as eye candy: male models for the women to drool over.

Last Kiss Creator John Lustig’s Event Schedule

John Lustig (Scetch by Carol Lay.)

John Lustig (Sketch by Carol Lay.)

—April 7-10, 2016: Emerald City Comicon, Northwest Press–Booth #1227.

Disney PrincessDuring Emerald City, John will be moderating the “Disney Comics—Oh, Boy, These Are the Jokes” panel on Sunday, April 10 1:30-2-30 p.m. in room T302. Panelists are Georgia Ball, Amy Mebberson, James Silvani, Aaron Sparrow & Geoffrey Golden.


—April 12-17, 2016: RT Booklovers Convention, Last Kiss table in Club RT.


—July 21-24, 2016: Comic-Con International (San Diego)

Last Kiss Art Cuts Up at Quilt Festivals


Last Kiss art has appeared on magnets, mugs and much more. But can it cut it as…a quilt?

Apparently so!

The original art as it appeared in FIRST KISS #20 (1961) by Vince Colletta.

The original art as it appeared in FIRST KISS #20 (1961) by Vince Colletta. Click image to enlarge.

Thanks to the nimble fingers (and mind) of professional quilter Sue Bower, art from the Last Kiss archive has become a 44 x 45-inch piece of Americana wall art called “Dottie’s Lament.”

Completed in late January, “Dottie’s Lament” has already been accepted for competition in two prestigious, juried shows:

The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival (Feb. 25-28, 2016)

MQX Quilt Festival—New England (April 6-9)

“The 2016 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival…has an entry category called ‘Mid Century Modern,’ said Sue. “Nothing says mid-century modern to me more than romance comics and Roy Lichtenstein’s art, as I grew up in the 60s.”

Happy Anniversary to Me


Happy Anniversary to me.

And to you too if you’ve been following Last Kiss since Jan. 19, 2009 when it first appeared on GoComics.

Of course, Last Kiss has been around in various forms for a lot longer than that. In fact, the first Last Kiss comic appeared in Comics Buyer’s Guide sometime back in 1996. (Holy Crud! Twenty years ago. Another anniversary!)

Most of the comics I did for Comics Buyer's Guide were in black and white. But some of the later ones---this is from 2011---were done in color.

Most of the comics I did for Comics Buyer’s Guide were in black and white. But some of the later ones—this is from 2011—were done in color.

But it was moving to GoComics that transformed Last Kiss. Most importantly, it introduced my odd comic creation to a much wider—and more vocal—audience. And I had to up my game for that audience. Suddenly I was doing Last Kiss three times a week instead of only once a week. I mostly stopped coloring the series myself and turned the coloring over to Allen Freeman. (And later Diego Jourdan Pereira and others.)

And I have to say that my humor changed slowly over the years—becoming spicier and (I hope) more pointed.

It’s been a great seven years. (And a pretty cool 20 years as well.) Thanks for going along on the ride with me!

—John Lustig