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I am extremely grateful to my friend Michael Eury for permission to quote from his book Dick Giordano: Changing Comics, One Day at a Time.

I’m going to be relying on Michael’s book (a lot!) over the next few days as I pay tribute to Dick.

And, luckily for you, it’s a great read. Well written. Well researched. And (like Dick himself) not afraid to be a bit silly while making a point.

For instance, here’s a snippet from Michael’s intro to the book:

“I wish I could say that the first thing I noticed about Dick Giordano was the mastery of his inking line, or his knack for drawing sexy women, or even his editorial run on Aquaman. My appreciation of those and countless other Giordano attributes came later.

“The first thing I noticed about Dick Giordano was his really groovy sideburns.”

Okay, maybe that’s too silly. We’ll try again tomorrow.

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