What’s for Breakfast?

Starting the day off right…

↓ Transcript
WOMAN: I can’t eat on an empty stomach! Let’s have a drink!


  1. Just one? First there’s the cocktail hour… ending with an apéritif. Wine during the meal, perhaps different varieties to complement each course. Of course, while one gets sauced, the sauce can also be sauced with a nice sherry. Desert can be Rumtopf, perhaps served on ice cream. There are many desert drinks, and the evening (and guests) can be toasted with a digestif.

    The following morning, start the day right with mimosas, Irish coffee, and the rather nutritious Bloody Mary. If doing yard work, thin your hearty import beer with lemonade. It will last longer, allowing you to get lightly buzzed without having to buy another case. Most likely your spouse or neighbor will not notice your condicion…condishing… behavior.

    Why not invite those neighbors over for a barbecue? They can get lit while you light the grill. Be careful not to breathe near the pilot light.

    • “Desert drinks”? Sounds like something without ice. Tequila-based, I suppose?


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