Watchmen Part2

Grr. I still haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ve been short on time and dealing with a neck/back problem that’s going to make sitting in a theater for a three-hour movie a test of endurance. So what’s the verdict, folks? Is the movie a masterpiece worth seeing? Or a pain in the neck?

↓ Transcript
CAPTION #1: Who watches the Watchmen? People like you!

CAPTION #2: People who know how to prioritize!

MAN SEATED IN MOVIE THEATER: oh no! My doctor just texted me! my lab results show I…

WOMAN SEATED BESIDE HIM WATCHING MOVIE: Shh! I can’t hear...the explosions and screams for mercy!

CAPTION 3: People who know enough…is never enough!

MAN: We’ve watched it 12 times! Can we go home now...and pretend our marriage still has a chance?

WOMAN: Thirteen’s my lucky number!


  1. I was sorry that I brought people along with me to see it. Very few people liking this one in my circle of friends. Sorry to say. I would have loved to have loved it.

  2. Thanks for filling me in, David. Just curious, were the people with you comic fans? The impression I’m getting is that this movie is generally playing really well for comic and science fiction fans. And is provoking a mildly negative to strongly negative reaction from nonfans. If that’s the case, there’s likely to be a huge drop off at the box office this weekend.

  3. I’m going to post a few of the responses I received in my personal e-mail to my request for a thumbs up or down on THE WATCHMEN. Because I didn’t ask anyone’s permission to publish their comments here, I’m just going to publish the comments with the writer’s first name or initial.

  4. G. and I saw it opening night.

    We both enjoyed it very much. I would say it is very good, but not excellent. What would be considered excellent? “The Dark Knight” is about as excellent and flawless a superhero movie as I’ve seen to date.

    What’s the best thing about “Watchmen” to me? The casting! How the heck did they find people so much like the drawings. Almost everyone is spot on! Rorschach is so on target it’s creepy! Adrian Veidt I thought looked appropriate, but he’s too thin. I also give kudos for not casting any big name actors. I’m sure they got pressure to do so, but it was the right move!

    What problems did I have with this film? 3 things come to mind. First, It’s too long. I like that they kept it faithful to the book, but I have a rule now that over 21/2 hours for a movie is a problem. I had to leave with 10 minutes to go because I had to pee so bad I couldn’t stand straight. Second, the sex scenes were silly and frankly embarrassing. G. says it’s because he was trying to be funny, but this is the guy that made “300” and I know what the sex was like in that one too. I think the director thinks that a well shot sex scene is basically bad porn. Third, and really the biggest deal to me, is it’s TOO gross. I know the book isn’t an Uncle Scrooge, but the director was taking a few liberties throughout that was gut wrenching and unnecessary. I believe in the adage that you don’t have to show it in your face to get the horror across. I won’t go into detail cause you haven’t seen it yet.

    All of that said, go see this film. He does the book proud. Go see it at the Cinerama. Seriously, that’s where I’d go.

  5. Definitely worth seeing.. my only complaint is how long it is. But get yourself drugged up, empty your bladder before the movie and you should be good!


  6. Hey John. I got today’s comic in a separate email with no trouble. But I have no desire to see the movie; I much prefer Last Kiss.–Andrew

  7. It’s good, John….
    The only real problem I had with it was realizing that it was more 20 years when the original 12 issue mini-series came out.
    But if you do go, I highly suggest go to a theater with really comfortable chairs. Well worth it.

  8. Definitely worth seeing. As faithful an adaptation as possible in less than 2.5 hours, and very well executed. It’s impossible for me to goo-goo, gah-gah love it, given my insane familiarity with the source material, but the movie stands on it’s own very well.

  9. And, go see Watchmen as soon as back and neck allow.I won’t swear you’ll love it, but we had an 8-to1 ratio when we went last Thursday. But it should BE SEEN. It’s that kind of movie. John M.

  10. …as far as Watchmen goes, it’s certainly worth watching — but wait till you’re feeling better. I remember reading the comics when they first came out and falling behind. On a later sick day, I was determined to read the trade paperback, which had just come out, and by the time I got to the final chapters I was in tears — not because of the moving story, I was sick, and it was a challenge to get through the damn thing. But I did. Not the ideal circumstances to read anything, but I was able to cross Watchmen off the must read list! –Jim

  11. Depressing trash. Buy a book of poetry.

  12. Well John, I’ve adored the comic series since it came out, I even had two of the original promo posters framed. I absolutely loved the movie. For nearly everything they didn’t take from comic series, they put something equally interesting in its place. And (this is heresy) I think it even improves upon the comic in some ways. (heh)

    This is a great website:

    You know how the original comics had 4 pages in the back of appendix and backstory that didn’t fit into the main story. This is the internet/film equivalent – old magazine articles, archived news and radio footage, police reports, etc. Pretty dang impressive.


  13. As for Watchmen it was great…solid 8 out of 10! Going to see it again in Imax either at PSC or Southcenter (as they have an Imax now to and it’s an all digital theater! I even prefer the new ending over the whole giant exploding squid in the GN.– Rick

  14. If it’s between “Masterpiece” and “Pain in the Neck,” definitely “Masterpiece.” The closest we’ll get to a faithful adaptation ever that still reserves an unalienating (Is that a word?) appeal for mainstream audiences. Get well, and see it (not necessarily in that order)! — Russ

  15. I loved the movie. Though it was a bit over the top in the violence department.

    It followed the comic very closely, actually.

  16. John,
    I saw it last night! By myself, definitely not a date movie! A lot of gratuitous violence, graphic, perfectly stunning and shocking until I was ready for more. Graphic sex a little funny at times, and a little disturbing to see so much of Dr. Manhattan, and what was with the cover up scenes. If your exposed, uh your exposed. Having not ready Moore’s master stroke, it gave me time to look at all the Apathy of the characters. I think all the actors did surprisingly well, like they did a great job! Great story, I didn’t guess the twist ending, and I thought Rorschach and Batman sound VERY Familiar. A must for the BIG SCREEN, not smaller screen venues, great sound, and the Mars palace was Amazing. Every character had MAJOR HUMAN flaws.
    My vote, a must see for the genre, and I would go back for a second viewing, hey we are all just humans. And I didn’t know it was 3 hours. Fully entertained!


  17. Hi John, to the best of my remembering, the director follows the storyline pretty closely with episodes of gratuitous and highly detailed violence thrown in . .. . in one case it defeated the irony that’s deeply entrenched in the book . . . .the irony is that these are a bunch of costumed crimefighters who are more costume than crime fighter, except Rohrshach. Remeber Bat-Manuel in the Tick? His character would fit right in with the Watchmen, especially watching tv. The love scene was more a lust scene and I think the cameraman could have moved away sooner for a better effect . . . .looked like porn to me. Bring a 3″ x 5″ index card with you to partly shield the screen when it gets too gruesome, the audio track accents the visuals too vividly. I won’t see it again and won’t get the dvd. That said, though, it was well made in terms of using all the elements within the comic book for characters, camera shots and backgrounds. I have approach/avoidance issues with this movie. I need to see a therapist or at least a good counselor. DM

  18. Thanks for the review, Dan. I’m really curious to see the movie!


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