Watchmen Part 1

This is the first of two comics about going to see THE WATCHMEN. I have to admit that I haven’t actually seen the movie myself. But I almost feel like I have. Everybody seems to be talking about it. Reviews are mixed–from disappointing to outstanding. Oddly enough, the biggest complaint about it seems to be that it sticks “too closely” to the graphic novel and doesn’t bring anything new (besides sound, action and special effects) to the story. We’ll see…

↓ Transcript
CAPTION #1: Who watches the Watchmen? People like you!

CAPTION #2: Smart people!

MAN BUYING MOVIE TICKET AT BOOTH: Sure, sweetie! I qualify for a student discount! I’m getting a B.A. in B.S. at Befuddled U!

CAPTION #3: People who plan ahead for a long, long movie!

WOMAN TO DATE: I’m getting in line for the Ladies Room now! By the time I get in…I may actually need to go!


  1. John, John, John. A masked crimefighter who can’t “get it on” with the heroine unless they go kick some butts! A gay superhero/villian! A vigilante who, when imprisoned and almost shawshanked, deep fries the perp and warns the others that he’s not locked up with them: they’re locked up with him! A caricature of Nixon whose nose seems to grow every time he appears before the camera! Puppies! Kitties! People blowing up (without using inconvenient explosives)! All this and a passing jab at Ronald Reagan. It’s tripe, but hell, tripe makes good lutefisk!

  2. Mike, Mike, Mike. All I want to know is this: There’s good lutefisk? When did that happen?


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