If you hate this comic then I have fantastic news for you. This is absolutely, positively the last Ronald Rump comic that you’ll ever see.


After all, most people see Last Kiss via GoComics, my Last Kiss Facebook page; or via my free mailing list. And I’ll no longer be posting Rump images there—at least during the election.

But I will post links. And if you truly want to see Rump gags then you can follow those links to the images here and elsewhere.

Is this ridiculous and unnecessary? Very possibly.

But I can reluctantly see the point of those who objected to me including politics—however mildly—into my little sex and romance comic. After all, would I have been able to enjoy one of my favorite comics (such as CALVIN AND HOBBES) if it was repeatedly expressing a political view that I hated?

I like to think that I could. But I’ll admit there’d be limits.

(For instance, MEIN KAMP the comic strip—no matter how well it was done.)

So, if you want Rump jokes—and there won’t be a lot of them—you’re going to have to search them out in the future. And, if you do and you get offended, you’ll have no one to blame but…well, let’s be honest. You’ll still probably blame me.



↓ Transcript
SCENE: Ronald Rump thinking in front of Mt. Rushmore.

CAPTION: The Secret Life of Ronald Rump

1957 Artist: Unknown Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira