Titillating Tears?

Pencils by Ross Andru from the story “Take Me Back” in ‘HEART AND SOUL #2, 1954.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman crying and sniffing into a handkerchief.

WOMAN: Tell me the truth! Am I still adorable?

1954 Pencils: Ross Andru Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


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  1. Possibilities of What May Have Happened to Them:

    He sobered up or she’s not drinking enough
    Contrary to what she heard on Oprah, forcing your husband to watch The Bridges of Madison County with you does put a strain on your marriage
    He finally figured out whether the spearmint bubblegum loses its flavor on the bedpost overnight
    They’re the hand model couple from the Shedd Spread Country Crock commercials back in the 80s. And everything changed when they learned that Country Crock is made from people!
    They’re the couple from the Taster’s Choice commercials back in the 90s. Turns out they both had a fling with that waiter…what was his name…Jean Luc!
    She says Po-tah-to. He says ‘eating that is going to make your @$$ even bigger’. Let’s call the whole thing off
    Turns out marrying one of the guys who tested negative on a ‘Who’s that Baby’s Daddy’ episode of Jerry Springer wasn’t the shining path to Happily-Ever-After one would think it is


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