Smoke ‘Em While You Got ‘Em!

I was going to use this art for a joke about the fear of flying. But I kept getting distracted by the guy’s cigarette. Nobody smokes on planes these days. A guy would have to be a real fanatic to even try. Hmm…

By the way, there really is a bill in Congress right now that would give the Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate tobacco products. If it passes, things could get interesting!

↓ Transcript
CAPTION: Three reasons why tobacco shouldn’t be regulated by the FDA!

GUY SMOKING: If you ban cigarettes then only criminals will have cigarettes!

GUY SMOKING (again): Cigarettes don’t kill people! Cigarette smokers kill people!

GUY SMOKING (still): I still have one lung that works…sorta!


  1. I was reading along and had a laugh when I got to, “Cigarettes don’t kill people! Cigarette smokers kill people.” My mind instantly switched it to, “Cigarettes don’t kill people! People that dont have cigarettes kill people.” or something along those lines… Usually a smoke will calm someone down won’t it? I dont know for sure, not a smoker… Just what Ive been told I suppose. Either way, funny 😀

  2. You know, my father-in-law, who was a heavy smoker, got into real trouble when he wanted to smoke on a flight and so tried to disable the smoke alarm in the bathroom…

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