Playing Doctor
See the original vintage art and text below.

Playing Doctor

Artist unknown. From AMERICA’S BEST COMICS #22, 1947.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Man with mustache.

MAN: I only play a doctor on TV, Miss! So maybe one of us should put our clothes back on!

1947 Artist Unknown Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira



  1. Sadly, though Mustached-Head-in-a-Jar was able to testify, his testimony was dismissed in the landmark ‘Witness must have a body and not be a freak of nature’ Appeals Court ruling

    • It’s sad how people without a body are discriminated against—especially since our society is all about getting “ahead” and never a body.

  2. The pink pince-nez glasses … a great touch!

    • I agree completely. Diego did a great job on the art and coloring.


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