Outta Luck Leprechaun

Art by Alberta Tewks from “Private Affair” in ALL TRUE ROMANCE #19, 1954.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (speaking to leprechaun): I don’t care if you’re feeling lucky! No pot of gold, no wishes!

1954 Art: Alberta Tewks Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Luck, Levity & Magical Modifications: Mike Pascale


Art by Alberta Tewks from "Private Affair" in ALL TRUE ROMANCE #19, 1954.


  1. …and penicillin!

  2. That is QUITE a lot of fine cleavage in both renditions. One might not expect that in 1954…

    • Gerry, when I saw the original (and by a woman artist!l), I knew I wanted to use it. Yes, very surprising amount of cleavage.


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