Outta My Way!

In an odd way this reminds me of my grandmother. My mother’s mother wasn’t always sure where she was going, but she was in a hurry to get there.

She was always first in line. First on the bus. First off. And first to squirm around you, push past you and reach any door.

Maybe that was because she lived through the Depression and learned that not being first in line was a sure way to end up hungry. Or maybe she was just leading the way…

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Determined woman driving a jeep honks her horn:

WOMAN: I’m on my way to the future! Get in...or get out of my way!


  1. I love this! Any chance of it showing up in a buyable form? I think it’s perfect for a new librarian!

  2. Hi, Devi. Yes, it’s absolutely available. (As are most of the images that appear here.) I’m going to be printing up some shirts mid-to-late next month. (It’ll probably also be available as a tote and a mousepad.)
    I’ll post some info about that on the site, but you might want to contact me privately as to what you want: john AT LastKisscomics.com



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