Love Is Blind

It always strikes me as bizarre that in the movies a woman removes her glasses (or has them removed) and suddenly, the chump she’s with discovers that she’s beautiful. And then–and this is the truly crazy part–she doesn’t wear or need her glasses for the rest of the movie. Did her eyesight suddenly improve?

Hmm. If that’s all it takes then I have a message for all the women who wear glasses and are reading this. You’re beautiful, gorgeous and a sight to behold. Cured? Great. I’ll send you my bill!

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↓ Transcript
MAN (who has removed a woman's glasses and is staring at her passionately): Without your glasses you’re gorgeous

WOMAN (thinks): if only I could see who he is!


  1. John,
    I think the old saying, “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses”; is passe. I know several men who think women who wear glasses are absolutely adorable! I think it probably has to do with their youth and having had a crush on a librarian!!
    Thanks for the kind words! (I wear glasses, when I’m not wearing my contacts!)

  2. Personally, I love girls in glasses.. Just something about the impression of an IQ makes me swoon.

  3. Hey, I think women who wear glasses are sexy too. I married one. In fact, she’s looking over my shoulder right now!



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