Instant Honeymoon

This is a recolored version of a comic that ran in The Seattle Times two years ago. Yes, a major daily newspaper actually had the guts to run a comic with a flamboyantly gay theme. Well, for about a second and a half the paper had the nerve. After that, it was no more gay jokes. No sexual references. Stick to relationship humor. Oh, and be outrageous, but don’t offend anyone.

What happened was that the editor who hired me to be “outrageous”, left the paper before my series started. His overworked replacement never checked to see what cartoons her predecessor had selected to run. And apparently no one else did either–until it was too late. Then the paper started getting complaints.

No, this cartoon is not the reason The Seattle Times eventually dropped Last Kiss. That happened nearly a year later and it was largely based on the paper’s still ongoing financial problems. Features, staff and whole sections of the newspaper have been cut. So it’s not like I was singled out.

But this gay-themed comic haunted me. After that, I was constantly second- and third-guessing myself. Was a gag tame enough for the paper? If so, was it still funny? What sort of humor did my editor really like? Towards the end, I felt like I was finally getting the hang of it. But by then the financial crisis was in full bloom and it was too late.

I don’t think I’ll have that problem with my new publisher: I’m getting a lot of support from my editor and no one seems even slightly worried about me overstepping any boundaries. And, frankly, they shouldn’t. I have lines that I don’t want to cross.  My goal is not to offend anyone. I just want to be funny.

↓ Transcript
FIRST GUY JUMPING INTO BED: This is gonna be the greatest honeymoon I've ever had!

SECOND GUY JUMPING INTO BED: Hot dog! And to think...15 minutes ago I didn't even know I was gay!


  1. It appears some of your newer fans, including those at, were not aware of this niche that you have been mining for years (artistically, of course.)

    In fact, surely, you had already marketed cards and magnets with this cartoon on them for years before it appeared in the Times.

    [OK, I will quit calling your “Shirley,” and end this message]



  2. You’re absolutely right, Norm. This is a gag I created long before it appeared in The Seattle Times. (This version features new, jazzier coloring, though, by my pal Allen Freeman.) I’m re-using old gags a bit more than I’d like at the moment while I catch up to my new three-times a week schedule.

    As for content, well, I know that any gay humor makes some people uncomfortable. I don’t actually do a lot of gay/lesbian jokes. (My guess is that it’s only about 10 percent of my output–maybe less.) But that’s too much for some folks–and not nearly enough for others. So I try not to worry about it and just do the gags that work for me.

  3. John,
    You have my support!
    Keep those gay comics coming—-
    Jeffrey Cantrell

  4. Thanks, Jeff. I just received an e-mail today asking me not to send anymore gay comics. So I appreciate the support!

  5. Gay, schmay, it’s all about the funny side of romance. You can keep on sending me any comic you please.

  6. I remeber seeing this in the Seattle Times, infact I cut it out and it still hangs on my apartment door.
    Miss you comics, though I have rediscoveried them in cyberspace.


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