Ignorance Was Bliss

Inks by Dick Giordano from the story “Hello, Beautiful” in FIRST KISS #12, 1960.

↓ Transcript
WOMAN (talking to a man): Be fair! I didn’t know he was your dad...when I slept with him...the first time!

1960 Inks: Dick Giordano Color: Allen Freeman

Inks by Dick Giordano from the story "Hello, Beautiful" in FIRST KISS #12, 1960.


  1. “Unlike you, who never, ever lasts a long, long time.”

    “…And I hope it lasts a long,long time. The love I mean. Not the rash.”

    “But just in case it doesn’t, would you sign this life insurance policy? And then go to sleep?”

    “But let’s go inside for now. This moon is really giving me a tan.”

    And so,having convinced Beautiful of his love, Danny moved on to the next part of his plan: talking her in to donating a kidney.

    “But I have to know…would you still love me if I wasn’t beautiful?”
    “Oh heck no! Wait. Are you rich?”
    “Well than just be glad you got them gams Sweet Cheeks.”

  2. Fine Jams – I like it that you used the word gams. I recall a line from an old ‘I Love Lucy’ that had a guest appearance by Betty Grable. Fred Mertz had staked out a ringside seat at a rehearsal because as he put it, “I’ve gotta get a gander at those gorgeous Grable gams.”

    Since I was only 8 at the time a modestly awkward conversation with my father ensued.

    Sadly, in my opinion, by today’s standards Betty’d probably be a thought of as a bit chunky.

    The power of alliteration for recall – 50+ years later and I still remember the line. At least I think I do.

    • ‘Gams’ is one of those words that should make a comeback. But I like old noir style narratives. As for Ms.(Mrs.?) Grable, I think a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman in any age or weight class. The fashion models these days look like starvation victims in any case.

      • I totally agree about “gams.” Gams is a swell word. And, yes, let’s bring back “swell” too!

    • I suspect you’re right about Grable. But—like Jam—I think modern standards are absurd.


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