I Like Older Women

Art by Marc Swayze. Script by Glenn Chaffin. From the comic FLYIN’ JENNY #1, 1946.

Read the entire 1946 comic for free at ComicBookPlus.

↓ Transcript
BOY TO YOUNG WOMAN: I like older women! So what are you…nine? Maybe 10?

1946 Art: Marc Swayze Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


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  1. “I’ll have you know my mother was a Settler! Not some stinky pioneer! And maybe she wasn’t some fancy sophisticate. But she at least knew not to wear a dress that looks like an albino with the measles. You wanna match lady? Here’s a match for ya: you and a new bottle of Ms. Clariol! Your roots are darker than Bob Crane’s sex life! I’ll tell ya this sister! The stick you need doesn’t start with a ‘p’, but it sure as shootin’ ends in a ‘-itch’! So live up to your name Jenny and take a leap of the flyin’ persuasion!”


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