I Forgot to Forget
See the original vintage art and text below.

I Forgot to Forget

Today’s comic is a playful reversal on the following gag:

I forgot to have children

It’s been used on a variety of merchandise over the years. And a lot of people have assumed I wrote it.

Nope. I wish I had.

I hope whomever did create it got fabulously rich—before the image got ripped off, re-drawn and re-used countless times. But, no—it wasn’t me.

However, I thought it was high time that I did my own version—with a bit of a twist, of course.

(Below is the original panel of comic art that I asked Diego Jourdan Pereira to redraw for today’s gag.)

Art by Alice Kirkpatrick from the story "Claimed by the Past" in CINDERELLA LOVE #11, 1952.

Art by Alice Kirkpatrick from the story “Claimed by the Past” in CINDERELLA LOVE #11, 1952.

↓ Transcript
SCARF-Wearing WOMAN (who's very upset): Oh, no! I forgot to not have children!

1952 Art: Alice Kirkpatrick Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira



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