Gravity Got You Down?

I can’t take full credit (or blame) for today’s comic. The heavy boobs gag was suggested by my wife (Shelagh.) I noodled with the wording a bit and added the line from the helpful guy in the background, but the basic, uh…thrust of the gag is all hers.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? To read this comic in German click here.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Woman with her eyes closed and her head and arms resting on a desk. A man walks through a doorway in the background.

WOMAN: Gravity attack! My boobs heavy! Need help…fast!

MAN (singing): Here I come to save the day!


  1. A staggering etude in plain silliness! My compliment to your wife.

  2. Thanks, Gerd. Compliments to my wife are definitely a good thing!

  3. Funny and oh-so-true.
    I am going to elevate to sainthood the individual who invents the anti-gravity bra. They certainly exist in the comics…

  4. You’re right. Gravity doesn’t seem to exist in comics. It’s a simpler universe in universe. No one ever seems to have to worry about paying taxes, losing weight or getting heartburn. Except for the occasional super villain threatening to blow up the world, it sounds pretty good right now!

  5. I want to let you know that Chris can’t stop laughing at this comic.

  6. Yeah… those underwire, headlight brassieres can be quite heavy (and impervious to dexterous males). That’s why young women are trained to do calisthenic exercises, so that the upper back can support the “support”.



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