Everyone Seems Nice, But…
See the original vintage art and text below.

Everyone Seems Nice, But…

Art by Sid Greene in the story “People Will Talk” in NEW ROMANCES #11, 1952. Click on image to enlarge.

↓ Transcript
RED-HEADED WOMAN: Everyone here seems nice! But what if they’re all paranoid, psychopaths…like me?

1952 Art: Sid Greene Re-Creation: Elite Avni-Sharon



  1. All he said was that…

    “…Wow! It looks like Pottery Barn threw up in here!”

    “…Since you’re rockin’ that whole Little Debbie vibe, why don’t you lemme crème up those Oatmeal Pies?”

    “…I think your behind is making that skirt look big.”

    “…Have you considered doing something different with your hair? You know. Something that doesn’t require a pneumatic engine and sixty pints of Baby Oil.”

    “…Hey! Is your Mom still dead?”

    “…Ugh. What smells like it died from being frumpy and prudish?”

    “…You’re pretty flat. You sure you aren’t a cross dresser?”

    • Ha! Some of you best lines, fine jams. Thanks!!!


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