Every Dog Has His Day Part 3

As this three-part sequence has progressed the question I’ve been asked most is…is that guy Aquaman? Answer–no! I know he’s blond and he’s wearing orange, but I can’t understand how anyone could mistake him for Aquaman.

Instead, he’s Aquaman’s cousin (They’re identical cousins in every way!) AquaJerk! All the bad “Aquaman” comics you’ve ever read? They actually featured AquaJerk instead!

↓ Transcript
PANEL 1: Man kissing woman at the beach.

MAN (thinking): One kiss is all it takes! From now on, she’ll be incapable of thinking...of anyone except me!

WOMAN (thinking): Gosh! This reminds me...I’ve got to get the dog neutered!


  1. If it is really AquaJerk, I think his breath would be bringing back memories for her of bad oysters from Hood Canal…which might slightly disrupt her thoughts of neutering…but not much.

    But seriously…this one never gets old. Very funny as always. I keep trying to see if there is anything that sends the message better than dog neutering…and I can’t think of it.

  2. Thanks. If you think of something better let me know!

  3. And “every dog has his day…” Nice “tongue-in-cheek” arc there.

    Speaking of which, why his kisses brought to mind a dog that needed neutering goes into territory that needs no marking or remarking.

    [Maybe he should have become an Aqua-Velva Man…or Jerk…

  4. Norm, I think he’s already a jerk. In fact, he could be a SuperJerk!

    • I think it’s Flash Gordon.


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