Cindy’s Shoe Fetish

Of course, Cinderella has a shoe fetish. I mean—glass slipper? Sheesh!

My thanks to model Brieanna Brock and John Grote of JMG Photography for letting me dialog and use this photo.

There will be a new episode of Cosplay Comics (TM) featuring Brieanna on Sunday.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A very sexy Cinderella in a blue nightgown is sitting on some stairs---holding up one of her glass slippers which is dripping blood from the sharp heel.

CINDY: No one laughs at my glass
slippers! No one!

Model: Brieanna Brock Photo ©John M Grote

Dialogue ©Last Kiss Inc


  1. Of course you realize that in the original story, those slippers were made of fur, not glass.

  2. Back in the late 50s or early 60s I read in a Superboy comic what RUNAR (above) just wrote.

    • Hmm. Over on GoComics/lastkiss someone said that the “furry slippers” being the original version is an urban myth. I really don’t know who’s right.

  3. The part in Cinderella about the lost slipper might be a reference to the Greek Myth where Aphrodite loses a sandal, which is eventually found by Hermes. This leads to the birth of their child, Hermaphrodite…


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