Was It Worth It? Nobody Nose!


On Nov. 7 I had my brain reamed out. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like.

I had septoplasty—a surgery to fix my deviated septum and enlarge my nasal passages. Now that sounds complicated. But really it’s a simple procedure requiring a sledgehammer and a drill bit big enough to unclog a storm sewer.

After my nasty nasals were straightened and cleared, two plastic stints (three to four inches long—no exaggeration) were inserted into my nose and the airway beyond to keep things in place.

A week later, the stints were removed. But by then I’d developed an allergic reaction to the post-op antibiotic I was on . The result—a massive rash over most of my body.

The rash is now gone. And the stints are out. But, until the swelling goes down, I won’t really know if I’m breathing better and if it was all worth it.

On the plus side, though, my pal Mark Monlux did the above comic for me.

What makes it so perfect is that—like Kathy Bates (in the movie MISERY)—my wife Shelagh is a nurse. Fortunately, I received much better care from my live-in nurse than James Caan did in that movie.

Get Some of Charlton’s Best Art in this Kickstarter

7f9b40b19fa2785adb4f3c0d041c5b3c_originalI can’t recommend this highly enough!

Help fund this Kickstarter and get copies of some of the finest cover art ever produced by Charlton Comics. You can even get—at certain pledge levels—rare stats, silver prints or proofs from the Charlton vaults.

Charlton, of course, was—among other things—the publisher of FIRST KISS…the original source and inspiration for my Last Kiss series.

The cover art features work by Dick Giordano, Vince Colletta, Steve Ditko, Matt Baker, Jack Keller, Charles Nicholas, Vince Alascia, Luis Dominguez, Frank McLaughlin, Jack Abel, Sam Glanzman, Joe Sinnott and more!

Genres for the cover art span romance, war, western, sci-fi, monsters, nurses-doctors, and hot rod stories!

Choose your favorite genre. Or pledge at a higher level and get them all!

Dottie Wins Ribbon of “Honor” at Quilt Extravaganza

"Dottie's Lament" by Sue Bower won an honorable mention at the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza.

“Dottie’s Lament” by Sue Bower won an honorable mention at the 2016 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza.

A few months back I announced that Sue Bower took a panel of art from the First Kiss comic book series (with my permission) and turned it into a quilt. A professional quilter, Sue used the art, but came up with new dialogue—very much in the spirit of Last Kiss.

I just learned that Sue’s “Dottie’s Lament” received an honorable mention ribbon at the 2016 Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza. Congrats, Sue.


A New Carl Barks Story—by Me & Daan Jippes


Since the legendary Carl Barks died in 2000, you might wonder…

How did Daan Jippes and I collaborate with Barks on a new story, “Gyro’s Manager” that was published by IDW just a few weeks ago in Uncle Scrooge #17?

Well, it turns out that Carl left behind a few partially completed stories. And, I’m happy to say, I’ve gotten to complete several of them for my publisher Egmont. “Gyro’s Manager” is the latest to finally see print here in the U.S.

(By the way, many thanks to fan Paul Green for letting me know that the story was in US #17. If not for Paul, I would’ve missed it entirely!