Take Me Home!

Art by Charles Nicholas & Dick Giordano from the story "Sweethearts" from FIRST KISS #7, 1959.

Art by Charles Nicholas & Dick Giordano from the story “Sweethearts” from FIRST KISS #7, 1959.

Meanwhile, back in the present…
See the revamped version of this art and with new, funny dialogue in today’s Last Kiss Comic.

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  1. Flare up of what? Acne? An STD? Herpes? A flare up of pregnancy?

    • Hmm. Dave, a brief (nine months) flare up of pregnancy works for me. Or maybe just heartburn!

    • Maybe it is the opposite of what you think. Maybe it was the kind of brief flare up and deflation to which the bleached blonde and Kelly the brunette refer in the Viagara commercials.

  2. Speaking of Viagara (but otherwise totally off topic) – i hear they give Viagara every night to men in nursing homes. Keeps ’em from rolling out of bed.

  3. Poor Allan, and she’s ruined her life by having the flare-up. But she’s getting this guy to take her home, so the flares and fireworks may be continuing for a while. Or maybe she’s figured out that that is all he’s good for. Or maybe she has an urge to pass on the ‘flare-up.’

    • Mind you, she didn’t say whose home he was to take her to, and he may be saying “But Jane…” because (a) he has a wife and five kids there; (b) his supply of contraceptives has run out; (c) both of the above, hence the five kids; (d) he still lives with his parents and grandparents, plus all their siblings and his own.



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