Tiffany, Tipsy and Titsy

Art by Sid Greene from Diary Loves #2, 1949.

Art by Sid Greene from Diary Loves #2, 1949.

I’ll only keep Tiffany, Tipsy and Titsy for a day. Maybe two. A month at most.

Honestly, I’m not attracted to beautiful women. I’d rather be with you. But what can I do?

If I don’t personally select the women for my stripper bar, how can I be sure they’re fine, upright—except when they’re hanging on poles—double D (for decent) and mostly moral maidens?

Trust me, my dear, the world is not ready for exotic dancers with loose morals!

Meanwhile, back in the present…

See the revamped version of this art and with new, funny dialogue in today’s Last Kiss Comic.

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