My First Conspiracy Theory (of the Day)

I’ve decided to expand my blog and talk about whatever interests me at the moment. Humor. My life. Politics. My life.

My opinions about other people. My opinions about my opinions…about my life. And, of course, my opinions about other people’s opinions about my life.

And—for today at least—new conspiracy theories which must be true because I’m making them up and I would never lie to you.

The Republicans are right. The poor economy is Barack Obama’s fault. Where the GOP goes wrong is in just blaming him for problems in the last three years.

Think deep, guys. The economy is recovering. And Obama is starting to get credit for this. So maybe this whole economic crisis was just a hoax—engineered by Obama to make himself look good.

Sure, Bush was in office when the economy tanked. But how can we be sure that Bush wasn’t being controlled by Obama? Wouldn’t that be perfect? If you blame Obama for Bush, all your problems disappear.

(By the way, just to get ahead of the curve, why not start blaming Obama for Mitt Romney now?)

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  1. Well, Obama’s suspiciously competent usage of the internet as a campaign aid reveals the probable fact that his election and subsequent tenure as president is really one aspect of the sim world that he created and in which he is the supreme being.

  2. I think Bush was doing the best he could. Granted, that’s a scary thought.

  3. Wow, if you’re going “POLITICAL”, you’ll lose lots of readers WHO ARE TIRED OF ALL THE POLITICAL CRAP. You’re comments today ARE JUST AS WRONG as those you hear on BOTH CNN and FOXNEWS.


  4. Whoops, need to proofread. That should be “Your”, not “You’re”.

    • Hi, Libertarian. I think I’ve only used Last Kiss three or four times in 10 years or so to make political comments. And this one is pretty mild and very tongue-in-cheek. (And I do think the Republicans have been showing an alarming tendency to blame Obama for almost everything. Which is just loopy.)

      As for both political parties having faults—big, big faults—amen to that.

      That doesn’t mean that I’m not liberal. I’ll cop to that. And I’ve been truly appalled by somethings that are going on in the extreme right. But do Democrats act badly as well. And that infuriates me too.

      I’m all in favor of pointing out stupid, self-defeating, mean behavior—no matter who does it.

      At this point, I haven’t decided how much political commentary I’ll be doing. I just woke up the other morning and felt like writing something. I would like to start blogging more. And this just happened to be on my mind this morning.

      At this point, I have no intention of putting my political opinions into Last Kiss comics. So hopefully this won’t be a factor for fans of my comics.


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