Emerald City Comicon 2011 Fumetti

Here are a few shots from Emerald City. Photos courtesy of Rich Hernandez. Wisecracks by me.

Have no fear, Underdog is here!

My pal Chuck DeClown and me. I’m still waiting for my hair!

If you want to see more Emerald City photos, I’ve got a gazillion or so (minus word balloons but with occasional wisecracks)
on my Last Kiss Facebook and a slightly smaller collecton on my Flickr sites.

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  1. I bow to your expertise on comic characters, but I thought the girl in the white suit in the second photo was Power Girl.

  2. Rudolf, you’re absolutely right. That is Power Girl. I was just being silly and having a bit of fun–totally ignoring DC Comics continuity. Still, I’m guessing the woman playing the character has the power to tell what men/women are thinking when she walks up and their jaws drop.

  3. Great fun! That Dr. WHO one was especially funny!


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