Let’s Talk Turkey

Let’s Talk Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Closeup of a turkey.

TURKEY: I know what you’re thinking… I’m much too beautiful to eat!

CAPTION: Happy Thanksgiving...anyway!

from The Committee for Keeping Gobblers UnGobbled!*

*Paid for by Tom & Tallulah Belle Turkey

Adapted from an Unsplash photo by Milo Weiler
Head Turkey: John Lustig


Pet Project

Pet Project

Many thanks for the art “Pilgrim-ification” by my pal Mike Pascale!

Original Vintage Art & Text

Artist Unknown. From the story “The Love that Failed” in First Kiss #25, 1962. Charlton. (No link to vintage comic book because it’s not online.)

↓ Transcript
Two Pilgrims (a man and a woman) are talking. The woman has one hand over her face.

MAN: A new holiday called “Thanksgiving?” Sounds great! But what’s that got to do with my pet turkey?

1962 Artist Unknown Pilgrim-ification: Mike Pascale
Pet Project: John Lustig Woods

Turkey Season

Turkey Season

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A turkey and a duck are in the yard of a farm. Barn in background.

TURKEY: It’s duck season!

DUCK: It’s turkey season!

TURKEY: Duck season!

DUCK: Turkey season!

CAPTION: A Looney Tooned Thanksgiving!

Birds adapted from Unsplash photos by Dulcey Lima & Ross Sokolovski
Writer Season: John Lustig



“Turkey Trouble” from Carl Barks

©The Walt Disney Company


This has nothing to do with Last Kiss, but here’s a great scene from a Thanksgiving-themed Donald Duck story written and drawn by the great Carl Barks. Original publication in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories #75, 1946. ©The Walt Disney Company.

Me? Cook?

Me? Cook?

Fortunately (for everyone’s sake) I’m not expected to cook this Thanksgiving. So there’s much to be thankful for right there. No food poisoning this year. No need for anti-acids. No desperate three-legged, relay races (Don’t ask!) to the bathroom.

Just family, friends, fun and honestly good (as in tasty and digestible) food.

I hope you and your family enjoy the same!

↓ Transcript
SCENE: A very alarmed woman reacts to some bad news.

WOMAN: Oh, no! You expect me to cook!