Hairy Halloween

Hairy Halloween

Hi. No coloring credit this time because I just scanned a print of the original comic and adjusted the color and the art myself. I’ll be using this approach for several of the other Halloween-themed comics coming up. I hope you like the results!  —John

1954 Art: Lee Elias From the cover of Witches Tales #23.

↓ Transcript

SCENE: Crazed-looking old man who is wearing a white human uniform (doctor or mortician) is adjusting the hair or wig of a skeleton. The skeleton is smoking a cigarette and admiring himself as he looks into a hand mirror.

CRAZY OLD MAN: Hey, if it works for Trump, it’ll work for you!

SKELETON: Let's make Halloween great again!

1954 Art: Lee Elais From the cover of Witches Tales #23