Mother, Let Me Go


Scan courtesy of Jacque Nodell’s Sequential Crush blog.

So what have they been doing that Mom mustn’t know about?

A. Fighting crime as masked vigilantes. (POW ZAP BAMM)

B. Making out like bunnies. Really, really horny bunnies. Only hornier.

C. Pretending to enjoy kissing and dating each other.

D. Calculating the square root of pi.

E. Participating in a “love-in” protest against sex.

To find out, check out Jacque Nodell’s clever presentation of the 1971 Secret Hearts story “Mother, Let Me Go.”

The Truth About Men?


The truth about men? We’re all great guys! We’ve just been misunderstood.

Of course, some of us are greater than others!

To read the actual comic book story “The Truth About Men” check out Jacque Nodell’s great romance comic book blog Sequential Crush.