Another Winner? Just This Once!

Another Winner? Just This Once!

Although Ed Bertoli won first place in last week’s big Couple-Up contest on Facebook, there was a smaller version of the contest going on over at GoComics.

A surprisingly large number of GoComics readers told me that they’d rather be flogged in their skivvies on national TV than submit anything on Facebook. And then they started submitting their entries on my GoComics page.

I’ll admit I’m a softie. I crumbled and told them that I’d pick an additional winner—this one from just the submissions made on GoComics.

And here it is—and admirably short and funny gag from someone who goes by the moniker of old1953. Who is he or she? Beats me.

But if he/she contacts me and wants to go public, I’ll let you know.

↓ Transcript
HEADLINE: Last Kiss Couple-Up GoComics Winner: old1953

CAPTION: As Roger adds the final touches to the robot duplicate of his wife, he suddenly detects a fatal flaw...

MAN: At last you live again!
ROBOT: Kill all humans!
Dialogue: old1953 Opening Caption: Jim Salicrup
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