Tough Dad, Rough Drive

Happy Father’s Day?

I hope it is for you. I know it’ll be happy for me since this it’s the first Father’s Day since my daughter and her hubby have moved here to Seattle. I love ’em both dearly!

(Hint: Don’t get me a tie, kids—unless it’s super classy and glows-in-the dark.)

Special thanks to my pal Mike Pascale for the offbeat gag in today’s comic.

Art by Art Saaf & Mike Peppe from the story “Kiss and Run” in NEW ROMANCES #14, 1952.

↓ Transcript
MAN (in car: I’m going to get your old man what he really wants for Father’s Day!

WOMAN (outside of car): Oh? You’re leaving town?

1952 Art: Art Saaf & Mike Peppe Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira
Concept & Gag: Mike Pascale

DJP.lk436 New Romances 14.5.6

Art by Art Saaf & Mike Peppe from the story "Kiss and Run" in NEW ROMANCES #14, 1952.

Dad’s Law

Art & Possibly Script by Jack Keller from “Shifty’s Revenge” in TEENAGE HOTRODDERS #8, 1964. (Published in color, but scanned from black & white photostat.)

↓ Transcript
BEARDED TEEN BOY: B-but all I did was whistle at a girl! What’s wrong with that?

POLICEMAN (writing a ticket): Plenty...when she’s my daughter!

1964 Art: Jack Keller Color: Diego Jourdan Pereira

DJP.lk430 Teenage Hotrodders #8

Art & Possibly Script by Jack Keller from "Shifty's Revenge" in TEENAGE HOTRODDERS #8, 1964.

Put on Your Boots! It’s Father’s Day!

Unlike poor Bucky’s dad, I expect to have a great Father’s Day. For the first time in many years, my daughter Caitie and I won’t be in different states on Father’s Day and can spend the day together. Hoo haw!

Art by Reed Crandall in SMASH #25, 1941.

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Bucky holding a toilet plunger and pointing back to a wave of water on the hardwood floor that he's standing on.

BUCKY: Hey, Dad! I fixed the toilet!

1941 Artist: Reed Crandall Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira

It’s Always Bucky™


Fancy Flag Day

Unlike most Last Kiss comics, this one isn’t based on vintage comic art. Instead, Diego Jourdan Pereira drew this from scratch and features Bucky—a character inspired by mid-20th Century TV shows such as LEAVE IT TO BEAVER.

Bucky—created by Jack Enyart and me for an animation project—has appeared many times before here. And he’ll be showing up again later this week in a special Father’s Day comic.  (Hopefully, Bucky’s dad will survive his Father’s Day surprise.)—John

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Bucky in his scout outfit stands, salutes and flies an American Flag.

CAPTION: Happy Flag Day!

BUCKY: This flag’s even nicer than the one I made...out of
my sister’s underwear!

It’s Always Bucky™

Art: Diego Jourdan Pereira


Glad for you, Dad!

Art by Lou Fine from SMASH #26, 1941.

Art by Lou Fine from SMASH #26, 1941.

↓ Transcript
BUCKY: Thanks, Dad! Mom says, if you hadn’t made the stork visit her...she’d be married to Uncle Fred! And I’d be my own cousin!

1941 Art: Lou Fine Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira