Thinking of…you?

I know it’s a little early in the year for a beach scene, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I’ve been wanting to use this gag for a long time!

↓ Transcript
MAN--whistling at beautiful woman in bathing suit as she walks by.

WOMAN (thinking): Why can't he just ignore me? I'm ignoring him!

WOMAN (thinking again): Gosh, I hope he knows I'm not thinking about him.


  1. Why is one of the Village People whistling at a woman?

  2. My first impression was the guy had to be whistling at an unseen guy standing next to the poor, deluded woman.

  3. It’s NEVER too early for women in swimwear! At least in the northwest we’ve got a nice, warm day, so maybe your comic brought some nice weather!

  4. Paul, I hope I did bring you good weather. Here in Seattle it’s gorgeous–but supposed to rain tomorrow. So maybe I need to do more beach scenes to keep the good weather going.

    Van, if he’s a member of the Village People then maybe Eilis is right. I just write these things. I leave it up to readers to figure out what they mean!



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