Super Villain Sex

Art by Sam Citron from the story “Death’s Bridal Gown” in ADVENTURES INTO DARK #8, 1953

↓ Transcript
SCENE: Commissioner Gordon talks to a police officer.

COMMISSIONER GORDON: a new super villain named “sex goddess?” Hmm! I better interrogate her myself!

POLICE OFFICER: You bet, Commissioner Gordon!

1953 Art: Sam Citron Re-Creation: Diego Jourdan Pereira


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  1. “Well Commissioner…we all knew the bride wasn’t entitled to wear white…but to point it out like that….”

    “No. No. Your chin is still right there Bob. See? I’m touching mine. It’s in the same place as yours. Just on your face. Not mine.”

    “This looks like a job for the Police! Oh. Wait a minute…”

    “I think the artist just forgot to draw it in. Let’s just keep quiet about it until the page gets flipped. Maybe no one will notice.”

    “Yeah. You would have figured it wouldn’t be until the honey moon before the bridal gown got lost.”

    “Car 54? Yeah. I’m looking for it too.”


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